Welcome to Ingush-American Society

“It happens to be the Ingush because I love their love of freedom, because they never had a feudal system or an aristocracy, no serfs, no slaves, no social superiors or inferiors. It happens to be the Ingush because the sins committed against the Ingush and the Chechens are so incontestably awful that there’s no earthly point in casting round for a bigger injustice committed against someone else. That would just be another way of turning your back on the little bugger bleeding on the floor. It happens to be the Ingush because they exemplify everything most shabby about our post-Cold War world. All through the Cold War it was our Western boast that we defend the underdog against the bully. The boast was a bloody lie. Again and again during the Cold war and after it the West made common cause with the bully in favour of what we call stability, to the despair of the very people we claimed to be protecting. The Ingush refuse to be rationalized out of existence, they refuse to be ignored, devalued, or dismissed. And what they are fighting against, whether they know it or not, is a whorehouse alliance between a rotten Russian Empire marching to its old tunes and a Western leadership that in its dealings with the rest of the world has proclaimed moral indifference to be its decent Christian right.” - John LeCarre “Our Game”.